Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 23 in Farmers Branch, TX

     This week was a bit slow. Nothing exiting like climbing a tree, getting chased by dogs, or getting hit by a car happened this week, it was a bit lame. We have been in finding mode all this week. There are a ton of Hispanics, but no one wants to hear us. It gets frustrating at times. Luckily I have a great companion and we have fun while we are out. My companion is the District leader and Saturday we went on exchanges with the elders in Carrollton 3rd north, or in other words my old area. At first I was getting exited because it was a car area, but they told us that they have basically wasted all of their miles for the month and they have to walk. I couldn't ride a bike down there because the elder I was on exchanges with dislocated his shoulder and he was told by Sister D***** that he couldn't ride a bike so we walked. So anyone want to make a guess on how many miles I walked. (Hint: it is more then 20) I was wearing my Bornes and my feet were just killing me by the end of the day. I am still kind of sore today. I am debating on buying comfort insoles but I wanted to ask you if I should. I did give my feet an ice bath. It felt so good and I rolled them out on a golf ball. I believe that that helped it out a lot.  anyone want to guess how many lessons we had (Hint: we had 7 scheduled appointments) (Bonus Hint: the number you are looking for is less than 0) My feet hurt so much after that day, I could barley walk that night. Then Easter was a better day. We didn't have dinner scheduled because Hispanics don't celebrate Easter and this ward doesn't like to feed missionaries, but luckily as we were leaving we were stopped by the young men's president of the ward invited us over for dinner with their family. Very grateful for that. It was a great dinner and a great end to an Easter.
     So in my area we are in the top right corner and all of the work is in the bottom left corner. It is 5 miles from our apartment, but we have a bike and it is thousands of times better than walking. Every day it seems like we are coming home at 9:45 because an appointment ran late and we book it on the way home. I am getting some serious exercise. Still fat, but at least I am getting exercise. 
     We had to do a lesson at church as well. It is the second time we have had to teach here. The other elders have taught the other weeks and when I was here on my first transfer we taught three times there the same class.  I got your package but not Christy's. I will ask the other elders today if they have it and if they could check in the main office. Thank you for the package. we did notice that baseball football and soccer ball eggs. 
     We do cook at our apartment when we have time. Mostly it has been spaghetti or grilled ham and cheese. We have been wanting to make the thanksgiving meal you sent, but we don't have a casserole pan. 
Hope that you all had a great Easter and have a great week.

 love you    
Elder S******* with 2 investigators playing Mexican Train

Glad Elder S******* is keeping Jesse in line :)

Jesse's District

Jesse's Zone

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