Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 25 in Farmers Branch, TX

This week has been one of those slower weeks. We have had alot of appointments fall through on us and we have been doing a ton of tracting. There are two pieces of good news to this we have been getting an excellent tan and we have found some really great people that seem interested. One of them we met, answered and said that he has seen missionaries once before and they left him with a Book of Mormon. Then he never saw them again. Then he moved down here and he has been reading the Book. We asked him if he thought that it was true and he said yes I know that it is true. We taught him the restoration and afterward he told us that it makes so much sense right now. Hopefully we can teach him more. He is moving again to an appartment in our area. We are really exited to get back in.
Other things that happened. Got chased by another dog on my bike. Got into a bash with a  pastor from a non-denominational church. We knocked at his door and he let us in and said "I finally get to meet legitimate Mormons. (red flag) Then we asked if we could offer a prayer and he said yes, then we asked him who would you like to say it? He replied to the father in the name of Jesus. We answered back yes but WHO would you like to OFFER the PRAYER? My companion or me. He told to offer it to the father in the name of Jesus and no other name. (another red flag) My companion offers the prayer and directly after he says amen the pastor (we didnt know he was a pastor at this point) starts offering a prayer. Here are a little bits of what he says. Jesus is our savior, open up these young mens eyes,  only through Jesus and not by any other name, please help them see their errors, please help them know that the bible says that if any man changes his gospel that god will dam them, and so on and  o forth for about 5 minuits.(Many red flags) at this point we just wanted to leave with the spirit and leave him with an invitation. The prayer ends and all he says from here on is that the bible says that if any man adds to the gosple God will curse him. (the actual scripture is if any man adds to this Book and any way it is not even talking about the bible.) then he says that Jonathan Smith is a false prophet because the bible says that there will be no more prophets (nowhere in the bible does it say that) and then he hit the repeat button a couple of times and he would not even let us talk. He also did not bring up any doctrine at all. All he said that we are following a false prophet and our eyes need to open. He did invite us to his church and then we left. There is no use talking to someone who won't hear.
The BEST for LAST. So there was a big presentation here in Dallas. It was put on by someone named Gladis Knight. Gladis and her quior were there and i got to go.They are only Grammy winners. it was so fun. the music was really good. She is set apart by the first presidency to give this presentation and afterward she shared her testimony about the Church of Jesus Christ. Her testimony is so powerful. I was so exited to go there. the Music was really great. Gladis has a really good voice.
Well that was my week. Have a great week.

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