Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 27 in Farmers Branch, TX

Jesse was so sad to say good-bye to his companion.  They really worked hard and got along great!  He always gets a little nervous with new companions.  Hopefully they will work really good together continue on what Jesse and Elder S***** have been doing :)

So this week is transfers and my companion is leaving me:( He is going to be an assistant. A spanish assistant. He is so nervous for this. I will be getting Elder G*****.  He was my companions District leader in the MTC.

I wasn't even going to email today. All of the libraries are closed and we don't have a computer. Don't be surprised when you see a letter from me on Wednesday saying the exact same thing as my Email. 
Other than that not much happened. We did go chalking, but I forgot my camera. this time we did the gospel of Jesus Christ.   To answer your question on chalking I don't know how effective it is. It is more effective than doing nothing and just as effective as knocking doors.

Yesterday we were taking pictures and there is one sister missionary that has a minor in photography and she was taking the pictures. We hand her all our cameras and as she takes mine she stops and stares at it. I asked her is it old. she said ya. Then i said it is a Kodak. She replied yep. I said it is out of business and she replied for a while now. She also added it has 6.2 mega pixels. I said yes  it does. It was a great camera about 9 years ago. It was pretty funny conversation. She has a $600 camera. I wouldn't trust myself with that I know that I will break it.
Sorry this weeks letter was so lame, but nothing really happened. 
Love you all

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