Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 30 in Farmers Branch, TX

This week the lord is teaching me patience. We have been doing a lot of tracting. We started knocking on a different apartment complex that we thought might have some potential. It is right in the middle of mini Mexico and it has over 300 apartments in it and no one would answer their door. We think that it might have been hit too many times by the Jehovah's Witnesses. After knocking almost all of it with no one answering the doors we decided to re-knock the place. This time we hit it later in the day when people are returning from work.  We could tell that they were just ignoring us. We knocked one door and this little kid answers the door and as he was opening we could hear the mom yelling no no no no no. She came sprinting to the door. We did our door contact and you can tell that she was just saying stuff to get us off of her porch. The conversation went like this. E:elder H:lady at door. E:can we share a message with you? H:other day. E:what day can we come back. H:I work a lot. E:what time do you get off of work. H:late E: like at what time? H:6 E:can we come by tomorrow at 6? H:no I'm busy. E:how about the next day at 6? H: yes.     and then after all this we never see her again. it kind of sounds bad, but I miss the English work when they would tell us if they are interested or not when we ask. No one here wants to tell you no.
On a different note,  F. and C. D.were confirmed this last Sunday. They are so awesome.  
I got the package and the cookies were still really good. They were nice and soft. 
We have district meetings once a month and that is with like 6 or 8 other missionaries in your area and we have a zone meeting every month with the missionaries in the zone which is about 20 to 24 other missionaries and then we have big conferences with about 60 missionaries every month.
So jealous that you got to Meet President Taylor and Elder Schroeppels parents. 

The hike sounded like fun. Taylor said that she hated it, but it sounded like a lot of fun. Did you find another ski to complete the pair? 

My ear is fine. I just used some Hydrogen peroxide and it sound better.. 

Well I hope this letter was long enough for you guys. 
Have a great week.

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