Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 29 in Farmers Branch, Texas

Jesse has been so excited for this baptism.  This is his 1st time that someone he helped teach has made it to baptism.  I know that this wonderful mom and son had to make incredible sacrifices to be baptized.  I gave Jesse a hard time about his lame letter writing :)  He doesn't realize that that all the uneventful details are interesting to us here at home.   I do appreciate the fact that we at least hear from him each week! 


Yesterday I had my first baptism. Elder S***** baptized C****** and a member baptized F****. It was soooooo cool. There was also an 8 year old that got baptized too. Everything went perfectly and I got to see my old companion and it was just a great experience. 

One last piece of business, I have been getting some complaints about my letters being too short. I would formally like to apologize for this. I am sorry that I can't have a more exiting week . Not all my weeks can be a tree climbing, baptizing, bible bashing adventure. But I assure you that I hereby promise that if and when an exiting or amazing event happens to come my way, that I will write every last detail about it to you. I hope you accept this apology and I sincerely hope that you all will have a most exiting week filled with much excitement.

                                                                                         Elder Jorgensen

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