Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 9 in Plano, Texas

We were able to talk with Jesse for an hour and a half on Christmas Day!! It was great to see and hear him.  He had so much to tell us and actually expanded on the stories that that he has written below.  I will add the extra info in :)  Thank you all for making his first Christmas away a special day for him.  He is loving the area that he is in and his companion.

     Well I had an awesome Christmas. A Christmas miracle happened. We actually had people listen to us on Christmas and I got my first lesson with an investigator! (They had a goal to make 24 contats a day during the Christmas holiday.  They had knock many doors Christmas day.  These investagators didn't answer the door when Jesse knocked, but after a few mins got in their car and found the boys and asked them to come back to their house so they could hear their message.) We gave them a Book of Mormon and they said that they will read it. They did say we could come back in a couple of months after they read it. We will check up on them in a week and a half.
     Other then that it was a slow week. It is amazing how fast the spirit of Christmas leaves some people. Before Christmas they seemed so nice when they said we have a church and we know Jesus, now when they say it they seem so mad. oh well.
     The ward Christmas program was really good. There are a lot of really great singers here.
     Thank you for all the people who want to make me fat(add sarcasm) ( he has actually lost weight out in Texas.  Getting back down to his running weight without running). I am so grateful for all of the packages.
     I hope that you all had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Some of Jesse's packages under his tree.  I love all the chips on the bookshelf.  Glad he is eating so healthy!

A Christmas Selfie

The M***** Family would put the Elder's Packages under the tree as they came to the house. 

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