Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 12 in Plano, Texas

No transfers for Jesse this time around.  He is happy to stay in Plano and to stay with Elder D****. Short email this week.  Glad I was able to chat back and forth with him or we wouldn't have gotten much of a report at all this week :)  They haven't been able to get back with any of the previous families, but all is well in Plano.

I had an awesome birthday. One of the best parts was the dinner. We ate with a family named the H****. They took us to an all you can eat restaurant. There I had steak, chicken, and I tried liver. that was a mistake. Big mistake. Still can't believe that I am 19. Elder D**** yesterday told a person that we knocked into that I was 18, and I had to correct him. If the rule had not changed I would just now be getting my mission call or just leaving. It is weird to think about. Thank you for the package. I really loved the car show and the calender. Well here are some pictures of my night.

Here is how to put 19 candles on one ding dong. 
Step one put them in the ding dong.
Step two light. 
Step three has two parts. a. blow the candles out
                                         b. use fire extinguisher to put out fire started in room by dumb missionaries.

Luckily i didn't do step three part b and I didn't burn my fingers at all. Although I see that I was a bit stupid to put the burnt matches on a paper towel.

Step four eat.
I got Bode's toothpaste. I think that I will be good on toothpaste for a year!
I am staying with Elder Davis. It will be his fourth transfer here. We found out that his companion when he was in Henderson is still there. This is his 6th transfer there. It will be crazy if I stay here for 9 months or 6 transfers.
I hope that you are staying warm. I love you all.
Have a great week.

Every year we go to the car show for his birthday. This year we had to send the car show to him.  We sent him some of his favorite cars, Lotus.

How to put 19 candles in a Ding Dong:

Step 1 put them in the Ding Dong

Step 2 light

Step 3 blow out the candles
Step 4 Eat

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