Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 15 in Plano, Texas

     Well this week was a bit slower. We had five appointments bail out on us on Tuesday and Wednesday. We were able to reschedule one of them for last week but the other four we couldn't till this week.
     Let me tell you about a lesson we had with a recent convert family. It is the J**** family. We bumped into him a week ago and he had moved from another house that was in the ward. He hadn't had missionaries over for a while so we set an appointment for last Friday. The family has a mom a dad and three children. The oldest is a boy about 10 then a girl at 7 and another girl at 4 or 5. We taught them about how Satan makes bad seem good. (so back story. Last Monday we went to an Asian market and I bought two bags of candy. One bag was good and the other was just disgusting. It tasted like the Mexican candy.) Anyway I brought that bag and five of the alpine chocolate bars and gave them a decision to have one small chocolate or to have an entire bag of candy. The bag was really shiny and kind of looked like shiny tootsie rolls.  At the end of the lesson we made them decide which they wanted. Everyone wanted the chocolate except for the little four year old. She wanted the bag. So we handed out the candy and she was so proud that she had a bag of candy and everyone else just got a little candy until she put it into her mouth. Then her face just dropped. The dad was even teasing her making her keep it into her mouth. Her eyes got teary and she was about to cry. It was so cute and funny. Finally the mom let her throw it away. The family really liked the lesson.
     Well that was my week I hope that you all had a great week yourselves.
Love ya.

They dressed up like Book of Mormon characters and read the scriptures.

Night time entertainment (I don't know what it is of really :))

Snow!  1/4 inch of real snow, not ice.

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