Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 14 in Plano, TX

      This week was really awesome. The awesomeness really started on Wednesday. We contacted a referral named B*** M****. This guy is so cool. He is from Z***** and he really wants to know more about the church. He is so good, he referred himself. Then after we met him we got a call and it was another referral from one of our members. They had already set up a time for us to meet them that night. It was lucky we had that time for tracting and were able to change and teach her. Her name is J**** H*****. That lesson also went great.
     Then on Friday the weather got in the 70's. Then it got in the 30's on Saturday.
     But then we had this fireside to top off the week. The speaker was named Read Moon. He is a collector of rare books. He first brought out two bibles that were 500-600 years old. Then he showed us a first print of Common Sense. Then he brought out an original Book of Mormon first print. That was owned by........ guess who..............Joseph Smith. His name was in the front cover! Then he pulled out a thumb bible also owned by Joseph Smith. A little note, he said that there were only 2 Book of Mormons that we know of that Joseph owned and this was one of them and he said that he has the only thumb bible owned by him. Then he brought out a Doctrine and Covenants owned by Heber J Grant. And of all these books I was able to hold and look through both bibles and the Book of Mormon. I held Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon! This guy was so cool. One of the other books that he had, but didn't bring was King James's King James Bible. He said that King James had two and at one point he owned both of them. This was a really great week. My only regret was that I did not bring my camera to take any pictures. But other than that and the cold, this has got to be one of the best weeks of my life!

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